Diversity and Work Atmosphere in Research Organisations

Diverse teams have numerous positive effects on the quality of research: diverse teams are considered more innovative, creative and socially oriented; their publications are quoted more frequently and are more interdisciplinary. However, current research shows that this is no determinism. In order to bring out the positive effects of diversity, appropriate framework conditions and active diversity management are necessary. In organisations that do not meet these conditions, diversity leads to conflicts within the team structure, which can ultimately have an impact on the working atmosphere and overall work productivity. Aim of the project is the publication of an edited collection that provides empirical insights into the capacity of research organisations worldwide to integrate a diverse workforce.

The publication planned for 2021 contains contributions from the USA, Nigeria, France, Chile, Vietnam and Germany. Using data sets that are unique worldwide, the contributions describe the working atmosphere in research organisations in an evidence-based way. One focus is on the dynamics of bullying and sexual discrimination.